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  • These Black King Size Slim Rolling Papers from RAW are the thinnest rolling paper RAW have made.

    Made by RAW in their dedicated facility in Alcoy, Spain, these papers are pressed extra-fine during manufacture to produce the thinnest unbleached rolling paper out there. If you really want to taste your terps, look no further than the new RAW Black range of papers.

    Like the rest of the RAW range of rolling papers, the black king-size slims are made from 100% natural plant fibre and contain no bleach or chalk. They even use natural tree sap gum for an unrivalled smoking experience.

    These awesome new papers are sold in bundles of 5 packs of 32 leaves or as a box of 50 packs – use the drop-down menu to select your chosen bundle.

    • Rolling Paper Type Unbleached
    • Paper Size KingSize Slim
    • Paper Per Pack 32 Leaves
    • Packs Per Box 50
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