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    Compact yet powerful, The Storm is a great unit for either dry herbs or wax concentrates. It’s stainless steel body is strong, sleek and stylish. The storm is easy to operate with a one touch button that allows you to choose between 5 different temperature settings, from 180 to 220 Degrees Celsius. Storm features a removable and replaceable battery, which gives up to an hour’s vaping and can easily be swapped out for another charged battery so that you can keep vaping all day long. The unit heats up in around a minute, and has an auto-shut-off system which kicks in after 5 minutes of inactivity to preserve the battery life.

    Unlike many portable vaporizers, the air path on the Storm is isolated from its electronics, which allows for pure, amazing flavour vapour, whether using dry herbs or wax concentrates. Storm has a ceramic chamber and a rubber mouthpiece that is food grade standard with stainless steel screens.

    The Storm Vaporizer combines affordability with high quality and boasts a wide range of great features

    Storm vaporizer contents:

    • Storm pen vaporizer
    • Glass mouthpiece
    • Silicon mouthpiece
    • Storm battery
    • Steel wax chamber
    • Steel resins chamber
    • Cleaning brush
    • Packing tool
    • Tweezers
    • USB charging cable
    • Mains adapter
    • User manual
    • Two year manufacturer’s warranty

    Please note: The Storm Vaporizer is NOT suitable for use with e-liquids. This is the newest version, including a free glass mouthpiece for full and fresh flavour!

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