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    • High-quality organic chocolate
    • Roasted hemp seeds
    • Vitamins B and E
    • Amino acids
    • Calcium and fibre

    Deliciously creamy with the sweet crunch of shelled hempseeds, Canalade Hemp Milk Chocolate from Hanf-Natur tastes great and is actually good for you, providing essential nutrients and satisfying your sweet tooth. The high-quality chocolate is mixed with shelled, roasted hemp seeds, adding vitamins B and E and amino acids, as well as calcium and fibre.

    All this results in a chocolate bar that tastes great and is actually good for you, making sure you get the essential nutrients we all need to stay healthy. Trade in your usual chocolate and discover the rich taste of Canalade Hemp Milk Chocolate today.

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  • Bunch Vapers Black vaporizer Kit POD

    High  quality POD Ceramic Vaporizer Bunch Vapers. Made of aluminium to provide it with extra resistance and a magnetic drip tip for the tank. Highly recommended to vape extractions, since it counts with a ceramic resistance that will help you mix your E-Liquids with the extractions regardless how concentrated it is. It does not have ignition  button as it automatically detects the puff, so that it avoids to burn  the content. This POD enables you to recharge your extractions easily and safely,  since the cap of the tank has a silicone shutting that assures total waterproofing. To have two different extractions, you just need to remove the tank and put another one.


    • Size: 100x20x10.5mm
    • Tank capacity: 1.0ml
    • Ceramic Resistance: 1.4Ω


    • 1 USB battery 400mAh
    • 1 POD Tank
    • 1 USB wire
    • 1 User Manual


    1. Fill the tank following the instructions thoroughly. A misuse could end up in losing the e-liquid.
    2. How to avoid direct absorption when vaping: if the liquids are  maintained in the atomizer without vaping for a while will cause an  e-liquid holdup in the ceramic tip. This will produce the “shot” effect  causing a liquid absorption instead of vaporized. The vaper must be  shaken and cleaned, so that it can be used again.
    3. After using it for a long time, condensation of the e-liquids could  appear between the battery and the atomizer causing the vaper  misfunction. Clean the joint between the battery and the atomizer to avoid this problem.
    4. When vaping do not block the side holes in the vaporizer.
    5. Change the tank when the amount of steam if not the desired. The tank  is a consumable part that can be recharge several times depending on  the type of e-liquid.

    Security measures:

    • 1) Protection against shortcircuits.
    • 2) Protection against Overloads
    • 3) Protection against High Temperatures
    • 4) Protection High Voltage
    • 5) Protection against Load
    • 6) Protection against Low Resistance
    • 7) Protection against High Resistance
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  • Specs:

    • Diameter: 5,3975 cm
    • Height: 2.54 cm
    • 2 piece grinder
    • Made from Hemp Plastic
    • Extremely durable and long-lasting
    • Medium fluffy, even grind
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  • PAX 3 The ultimate portable cannabis vaporizer for loose leaf and concentrates. The large conduction oven heats your cannabis gently and evenly for minimal waste, and the four temperature settings, plus to-the-degree settings via the PAX App, create perfect flavor and vapor. Enjoy 10-year limited warranty for peace of mind.


    • Flat & Raised Mouthpieces
    • USB Charger
    • Maintenance Kit
    • Standard Oven Lid
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  • Light·Mix provides the ideal foundation for encouraging vigorous growth in seedlings, young plants and cuttings – right from the beginning.

    It gets the vital micro activity going as the water works with the soil, producing organic catalysts that rapidly develop root structures. Light·Mix has also been specially blended to ensure optimal drainage throughout – an essential property if you use automatic irrigation systems.

    When using Light·Mix you can apply larger nutrient doses to any kind of plant, including heavy feeders, without the risk of overloading the soil and causing a nutrient burn – indicated by yellowing and crunchy, burnt tips on the leaves.

    With automatic watering it’s important that the water properly infiltrates the substrate, or this can become too wet and cause mould to form.

    Nutrient Schedule

    Data Sheet

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  • All·Mix literally does it all for you – creating the optimum environment for plants to flourish throughout the year.

    This heavily pre-fertilized substrate mixture emulates a rich outdoor  soil with a full micro active ecosystem. It’s been designed to have enough nutrient-fuelled power to sustain lush growth for a couple of weeks, without any need to add any extra fertilizer.

    When using All·Mix for the first time, moisten it with water and leave to stand for 36 hours. This gives the Pre·Mix active fertilizer and microorganisms inside the substrate a chance to start working their magic before the plants goes in.

    Keep the soil slightly warm at all times – if it’s too cool, the microbial activity slows down, which makes it more difficult for the plants to grow. You also want to allow the soil to dry out between each watering. Because, as the All·Mix substrate dries out, fresh air gets in, which helps the soil to breathe.

    Nutrient Schedule

    Data Sheet

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  • STARTER PACK Are you someone with strong organic beliefs? Do you care about the future of the planet? Is it quality above quantity – or more about the flavour and the colour of your crop that matters?

    Whatever your concerns or goals are, choose Biobizz and the rest is easy. Our Starters·Pack is fully loaded with everything you need to begin your own growing adventure.

    Nutrient Schedule

    STARTER PACK contains:

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  • Jerker Classic Grinder Med et ægte vintagelook holder Jerker Classic Grinder stilen helt rent. Denne grinder er produceret i en blanding af zink og nikkel – det samme som almindeligt spisebestik og andet uægte sølvtøj – og kan derfor nemt holdes rent med en opvaskebørste og lidt sæbe på samme måde som andre køkkenredskaber, der heller ikke tåler opvaskemaskine.

    Jerker grinderen har en magnet i toppen og to lag, der kan skrues på og af. Det nederste lag indeholder et bundkammer til blomsterstøv, som sorteres fra via filteret, der sidder i laget ovenover. Yderkanterne i toppen og bunden er forsynet med indhak, så grebet på grinderen er helt fast, når man skal kværne sine urter.

    Jerker Classic Grinder er en connaisseurudgave af den traditionelle grinder model, der blev skabt for over 100 år siden. Med en helt særlig materialeblanding og innovative ændringer i design, har denne grinder forbedret – men uden at forandre -, den gammeldags genkendelige følelse af en helt traditionel og klassisk grinder.

    Medfølgende en lille gennemsigtig skrabe pind. Velegnet til tropisk klima og fugtige urtematerialer Diameter: 56mm Højde: 43mm Vægt 170g Materiale: Zink-Nikkel legering


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  • All the goodness of hemp in this easy to make and highly nutritious pasta shells. These organic and vegan approved hemp pasta shells go perfectly with our hemp canu sauce. Spelt flour makes this a LOW GLUTEN pasta which may help those with a gluten intolerence.

    Using the hemp pasta in your day to day cooking is an easy away to get children to enjoy the health benefits of eating edible hemp and ensuring they get maximum benefit of the amino acids, omega oils naturally found in our organic hemp products.

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