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  • Hemp ointment Cannila Chilli is our new variant of hemp cream, which is designed for the treatment of sore and tired muscles and joints. For manufacturing we use our cannabis extracts Cannila® and high-quality  extract of chilli peppers Jalapenos and Bird Eye. Peppers together in combination have an ideal ratio kapsicin (that’s their spicy component). This substance (kapsicin) functions as an irritant causing better blood circulation in the muscles and the skin. It also helps in better absorption of hemp extract into deeper tissues. Hemp extract functions as the treating component then. Testing we have reached excellent results in problems with strained  muscles. People with musculoskeletal complications will appreciate greatly this product, but also active athletes and people with more physical the load.

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  • Cannila Natural is highly concentrated hemp ointment with application  for wide range of skin problems. Cannila perfectly softens the skin and  its regenerative effect is overwhelming, due to the large quantity of  the active substances. Treats all skin damage such as abrasions and  cuts. Furthermore, it is very effective to inflamed pores, corns, herpes  and some skin fungi, including white nail fungus. Ointment soothes and  treats some types of psoriasis and atopic eczema. It also helps in  regeneration burns. Ointment works well for light arthritic and  rheumatic pain, bruises, sprain, muscular pain and torticollis, thanks  to its anesthetic properties. It also greatly helps in inflammation and  swelling of veins and leg ulcers.

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  • Hemp ointment Cannila TeaTree is another new variant of hemp cream,  which is primarily intended for the treatment and cleaning of skin, but  also to solve complications with overloaded joints. For manufacturing we  add oil from Tea Tree to our hemp extract which bring excellent antiseptic and antifungal properties. Hemp ointment helps with problems with mycosis of the skin in all  its forms and also very good cleans and disinfects the skin. Ointment has proven excellent in the treatment of acne and clean pores.

    Oil from Tea Tree in contact with the skin is a reaction, which has a cool feel. It well perfused skin and its effects are healing in the  treatment of burns, for treatment of minor abrasions, but also chicken  pox and shingles.

    Ointment, thanks to the cool effects, is excellent for back massage and strained muscles.

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