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  • Aroma Boost is an amino-humic acid mixture with added bio-active sulfur and magnesium. Sulfur is the most important element found in aromatic molecules and together with the 20 different amino acids added to Aroma Boost and the fluoric and humic acid, result in the plant expressing its full fragrance potential and giving it taste.

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  • Bud Explosion is a classic pH neutral P-K booster, formulated from the best raw material and added 5% amino acid. Bud Explosion is a true winning form that ensures large heavy flower tops filled with crystals. Manage your grow massive and heavy flowers, try Bud Explosion.

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  • Part A, Power House is the basic fertilizer that provides all the macro-nutrients plants need. 2% amino acid has been added which boosts cell formation and increases the plant’s ability to absorb fertilizer. Used in combination with Part B (Calcium Plus).

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  • Part B, Calcium Plus is a calcium nitrate blend that seeks to ensure that the plant does not lack Calcium. An additional 2% amino acid is added which boosts Calcium uptake and cell formation. Used in combination with Part A (Power House)

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  • Take part in future plant production and try Root Explosion today. Watch your roots go crazy in collaboration with millions of highly efficient microorganisms. The various bacterial and fungal cultures found in Root Explosion establish a symbiosis along with the plant’s roots and increase the uptake of fertilizer, promote root production as well as strengthen the plant against drought and disease. Root Explosion Contains a blend of 5 highly effective bacterial cultures and 18 different endo & ecto mycorrhizal fungi, added to a Biostimulant complex consisting of humic acid, seaweed, vitamins, carbohydrates and amino acids.

    How to use: Root Explosion is used when sprouting seeds, making cuttings or repotting plants into larger pots. It can also be used to boost your homemade fertilizer tea.

    • Dosage for Soil / Coco: Germination of seeds add 2g per 1 L of soil or Coco.
    • Small pots for Cuttings production, mix 2-4g per 1 L Soil or Coco.
    • Repotting plants for larger pots, sprinkle 2-4g into the hole before repotting.
    • For further use, once every 14 days down water 2-4 g per plant.
    • Homemade fertilizer tea, add 2-4g per 1 L of water.

    How do I best use Root Explosion:

    When seeds have just sprouted or your cuttings have just taken root, they need to be repotted. This is where you mix Root Explosion with your soil or coco before putting it in the pots and the plants get into the soil or coco. Let the plants stand in the small pots for 1-2 weeks. During this period, the roots develop in collaboration with the 5 highly efficient bacterial cultures and 18 different endo & ecto mycorrhiza fungi. When you repot the plants into larger pots, bacteria and fungi move the culture over to the large pots. We recommend that you sprinkle 2-4 g into the hole that the plant should go into. Boost your homemade fertilizer tea with highly effective bacteria and endo-ecto mycorrhiza, by adding 2g per 1 L of water, the mixture should stand for a minimum of 24 hours before use .

    Root Explosion:

    • Organic carrier 89.5%
    • 18-Endo & Ekto Mykorrhiza 8.0%.*
    • Biostimulant complex 2.0%.
    • Highly efficient Soil Bacteria 0.5%.*

    *% is given in dry cell weight

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  • Stimulus, is a new generation Booster that activates the plant’s immune system and provides an increased S.A.R response (Systemic Acquired Resistance). Our beloved crystal-trichrome production is controlled in part by the plant’s own immune system and by increasing the plant’s S.A.R response, the production of crystals increases. Stimulus also contains Auxin complexes that stimulate and strengthen the plant’s roots. The phosphorus found in Stimulus is in lipid form which ensures full uptake and minimal precipitation and leaching of phosphorus in one’s medium.

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